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Business Activities / Services / Duties / Works of AINA Business Promotions Pvt Ltd.

[Business Coordination Services]
HR Solution, Market Research, Business Project Development, Business Planning, Business Consultation, Business Presentation, Marchandising Planning, Technical Advise for Various Engineering / Technologies

Photography Services, Design, Printing, Producing Website, Multimedia Contents

Web Design, Logo Design, Graphic Design

[Language Services / Translation / Interpretation]
English, Mandarin Chinese and Japanese

Vocational and Various tutions

[Planning and Producing Tourism Business]
Business Tour, Medical Tour, Educational Tour, Vacation Tour etc

Contents Writing in Japanese, Mandarin Chinese and English
Business and Various Investigation

*All incidental duties and affairs to the above-mentioned are available.
*In addition, the duties as consultant, advisor, representative, agent, liaisons, serviceperson, secretaries, conciliator etc, the duties of business evaluations, business feasibility, business forecast and all incidental duties are available also.
*AINA BP's business field is not only issues between India and Japan. We are available on three types of languages(English, Mandarin Chinese and Japanese) also.

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